*Below are 21 interesting facts you need to know about Jamalife before Joining:* 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

*Jamalife* is a worldwide renowned registered NGO

*Jamalife* is a _Belgium_ company, founded by _Mr. Kurt_ _Maes_ and is operating in more than 15countries

*JamaLife* is registered Enterprise in Nigeria with CAC.

*Jamalife* is a Humanitarian and Philanthropic Organization.

*Jamalife* is a multilevel marketing (MLM) networking organization.

*Jamalife* is sponsored by renowned multinational organizations like Hyundai Motors, GAC Motors, Hewlett Packard, Diamond Bank, LG, Shoprite, Etc.

*Jamalife* works through the pool of resources donated by partners like all registered members who share its vision.

*Jamalife* membership registration is a one- time registration fee of only #2000 ($5)

*Jamalife* is committed to eradication of poverty from the surface of the earth.

*Jamalife* is the best MLM organization. No selling of physical products like supplements, tea, health & beauty enhancers, etc but provide different services to its members.

*Jamalife* activities are monitored and foolproof through effective use of internet tools.

*Jamalife* has a robust rewarding incentive/package for its members growing from stage 1 to stage 8.

*Jamalife* is not a scam or fraud,

*Jamalife* is not lotto, wonder bank, hype, get rich quick scheme, casino table or gambling jackpot.

*Jamalife* is not a religious organization but teaches religious tolerance by admonishing partners to be good ambassadors and best adherents of whatever faith they belong.

*Jamalife* is not affiliated to any other network marketing organization.

*Jamalife* is not a trading consortium but teaches members on trade and skill acquisition to be independent, generate income and create their own employment.

*Jamalife* is not for people looking to make quick cash. You don’t deposit and wait for your money to grow. It requires that you work and strategically build your team.

*Jamalife* compensation plan and incentives are second to none in the industry

*JamaLife* gives members an opportunity to get different types of free gifts and incentives ranging from food vouchers to shop at Shoprite, laptops, flat screen TV’s, microwaves, refrigerators, cars, luxury apartments and free international vacation fully paid.

*Jamalife* is the business of the 21st century. *Jamalife* makes sense! *Jamalife* Rocks!

We are *Jamalife* ! Until you change your mindset, every opportunity will always look like a scam and impossible to achieve. While you’re observing, others are making good money

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