Erigga pulled up with a new banger titled “Rawbish” featuring Popular.
Due to tons of messages requesting for the Lyrics, here we bring to you the Lyrics to the new tune.

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Fear (Wetin Do Am)
Expect the colour of fearsome acts (E heen)
Somebody steals from me I cut off his hands (Guy)
He offends me I cut off his tongue
Oh boy you wicked o
He raise against me I cut off his head sticking on a pike
Raise it high up so all on the street can see
(Boy why you gon do that)
Cause am preserve you what sort of things (Why)
Fear (Na wa o)
E don burst
You about to witness creativity at its peak
How e be
*Ah Everybody Calm down, Everybody calm down, Paper bout to speak*
(Popular, lalala)

[Verse 1]
Everybody shut up Erigga lo’n soro
Me and your Fave no be mate say e pah domo
Big Odonyo nia all these rappers be go against me
Them go fall like who shack ogoroh
The money big now like Teni shout to Dr Dolor
Big Yansh thin Waist ivie wongo wogor
Hold your baby tight me na gbomo gbomo
But like Lekki water I no too dey show my colour

Who dey say he wan battle nna biko
You when we know for area wey dey suck Ashawo toto
Your sister dey f*ck waka, your woman na opo
Your label dey f*ck your Yansh, industry homo
We no be guys, we no be blood, unfollow quick
Nobody wan see you, you be like craze man pr*ck
Speak, freedom of speech, no follow you drag
Colorado no be Sk , I deh find you come Lag

Make them no dey tell me rawbish (no dey talk)
Abi dem wan know where my leg don don reach (no dey talk)
My enemies dem don dey para (dem dey para)
Them dey fear me pass Corona
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me

[Verse 2]
Last night I had a dream that you came to the crib
You and your goons con dey rake like alarm way dey spit
Say una go fuck me up inside the dream I con laugh
Say una fuck up o e no suppose be for waff
Look at the plass fall like 30minutes bla bla bla
My guys dey throwaway wetin you dey hear na pa ka ka
We tie you for ground slap you anyhow ta ta ta
Before we con blast your head buoagada
SARS dey come 2 secondss we don gbagada
Inside the dream wetin funny I wear agbada
Original rolling like Zaza for Apapa
When I wake up na one hotel when near Apala
How person go rugged for life con wicked for dream
Who sicker na me fuck your rappers bring covid 19
Dem go say Erigga no dope leave am to God
Afterall you no be lawyer allow God judge

Make them no dey tell me Rawbish (no dey talk)
Abi dem wan know where my leg don reach (no dey talk)
My enemies dem don dey para ( dem dey para)
Them dey fear me pass Corona (yo yo yo)
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me
Make dem know dey, make dem no dey
Make dem no dey tell me

[Verse 3]
See one fool for Instagram say I no fit rap
So I set trap catch am burst him head with slap
What’s traps what ya been doing my niggers my on na mind
This time nigger gon shine about the haters eyes now gon blind
My rap na wisdom for the street make area fit connect
My intellectual capacity street respect
Na one fan tell me say you know your song Motivation
Na hin motivate me last year build my first Mansion
No change your style o, we love you just the way you are
To them you never blow but na you be we superstar
Anytime any day na you the sat go pick
Them drop jam you drop jam na you we go click
All your fans too dey woke for them to like your songs
Once I light my igbo you can’t do no wrong
Na so we laugh he give me hin number shit changed fast
Steady transfer anytime I tell am say I need cash

God burst my head, burst my head
Guy you burst my head with this jam
I swear to God you burst my head
Guy you no no Wetin you dey do for the street
You no dey see your album numbers, millions dey cry
When last them do rap wey be say na pure rap when dey cry millions
Wetin dey happen to you, you no no wetin you dey do
See your Twitter everybody
Whatsapp stories na your life na hin dem dey screenshot
No change wetin you dey do o
See eh na love you like the way you be like this
You no understand
No con change am make we no go get problem
We con dey find you follow street
You no no who I be
Me Killa Wilson abeg for safety
The beat don finish yea no wahala

The End!!!


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