Concerts rolling in, announcement dates for the December rave are being made and fans of course are getting set for the end of the year madness. 
Still, it brings to mind, who really pulls off “The best performance on stage”

#WizKid comes to mind first, his stage craft, how he relates with the crowd is exceptional. The star power, aura and how he turns the stage to “his bedroom”, making love to his fans by singing is a beauty.

His recent gig at The O2 was thrilling.
Perhaps the best we’ve seen so far.

D’banj possesses energy, perhaps the crowd wants that. His performance is energy-filled, his dance moves and there’s this way he connects this “energy” to the fans in which the fans “catch” it and reciprocate it.
A D’banj concert will leave you spell-bound.

And who will forget a Burna Boy show. Fela‘s  second coming. Afrobeats favoured son. Burna Boy‘s performance is one you can call “complete” in every way. The vibe is there, there’s that exhibition of the some exquisite dance steps and he moves well with the crowd.

These three give their best when it comes to stage performances.

Who Do You Think Is The Best Afrobeat Stage Performer After Fela?