I Bet The Best Night Of The Year Is Prolly Goan Be Tonight!!!
The Experience show is arguably the largest musical event in Africa and amongst the largest in the world.

Narrowing it down to the gospel category, it’s probably the largest Christian musical concert in the world.

Over the years the biggest gospel artistes in the world have graced the stage. Think of a name and Google will make it known to you.

Our dearest Grammy award winning ex-stripper cum rapper and social media sensation Cardi B just happens to be in Lagos (for the first time ever) for a show today. the same day The Experience show is happening

It doesn’t matter the nature of your show, event or concert! Once the date for The Experience is fixed and announced every wise show promoter knows to steer clear for their brand safety and to the glory of God.

However, our God is gracious and kind! As some would surely be lifting Holy Hands at at the Experience show Tonight Some will proceed to dance half naked and rock while Cardi B performs live on Saturday.

So Guys, The bone of contention here is, 👇

If You Have A Chance To Be At Either The Experience Or Cardi B’s Show, Which Will You Go For?