Smartphone malware has been on the rise dramatically in the last several years. Mobile phones travel with you everywhere, which means you may leave them anywhere. Once an attacker has physical access to your phone, it’s not too hard to get control over all of your data.

Computers are usually provided with firewalls, antivirus, and/or anti-malware software, mobile devices typically have only their operating systems and the security of their apps to protect them.

it’s very important to stay careful about security when using a mobile device. 

Do the following steps to improve your mobile security:

  • – Lock your smartphone with a password or fingerprint. This step will make it much harder for thieves to get your data if your mobile is stolen.
  • – Always keep your phone system up to date.
  • – Don’t store sensitive data like passwords or a credit card number on your mobile device.
  • – Be careful when using a public wifi. These networks aren’t secure, so it’s preferable that you don’t make banking transactions on such networks.
  • – Always back up your phone data. You can use any cloud service to automatically takes daily backups.
  • – Avoid downloading Apps from third-party stores and always download it from the main stores.
  • – Installing a mobile security software.